Our interior design projects are so diverse that our first step with every project is to determine what process will be best for each individual client and the project.

Our projects fall into several categories: Home Concept Design (new, renovation or expansion,) Interior Design or Interior Decorating. Home Design includes visiting the site, developing floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, electrical and lighting design, plumbing layout, door and window selections and exterior finish selections. If there are plans already developed for a client, we will start with reviewing the plans with our client, room by room discussing their lifestyle.

Interior Design relates to the selection of the lighting, plumbing fixtures, detailing of the interior elements such as stair railings, trim, special architectural features like decorative trusses. It also includes the research and selection of all interior materials, kitchen and bath design and cabinet design.

Once we have final floor plans, we prepare a “test fit” plan of each room making sure the design of the home is supportive of the homeowner’s lifestyle. The test fit is a drawing showing all elements to be in the room including: furniture, rugs, artwork, millwork and anything else the homeowner needs. If there are structural elements that need adjusting, we will prepare sketches for the builder. We also review the Interior Design plan with the builder so that all sub-contractors are coordinated with respect the “function” of each space. For example, we make sure that there are no thermostats or return air grills where we are placing furniture or artwork.

Interior decorating services relate to the research, selection, purchasing and installation of the “non-permanent” decorative furnishings. Currently, the studio is a dealer for over 1,000 artists, manufacturers and suppliers who we purchase products from at wholesale costs. We have established a dealership relationship with some of the highest quality manufacturers in the country including Harden, Hickory Chair, Bradenton Young, Lorts, Shadow Mountain and many more. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best interior design, and furnish their homes with the best products for the best prices. Our purchasing history with our vendors allows us to share deep discounts with our clients.

We are accustomed to working on “out-of-state” projects and also working with clients who “live out-of-state.” Electronic communications & over-night shipping enable us to communicate with clients, builders, architects and other team members on a daily basis. Presentations to clients are made using hand drawn and Auto-Cad sketches and detail drawings, finish and furniture sample boards and physical samples of products. For clients who live out of the area, we send presentation materials electronically or ship materials to them via UPS.


As stated above, every project is different and every client is different. We structure our design fees in several formats, depending on the nature of the job and the client’s preference. Different fee structures include: hourly basis; lump sum amount if we have a clear understanding of the scope of work; hourly basis with a not to exceed maximum. Once we discuss your project, we can provide you with a written design services proposal for your review and approval.