House of Fleming

House of Fleming; Fine Leather and Alligator Skin Boutique, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA; 1997

Started in 1980 House of Fleming has established itself as one of the premier manufacturers of exotic skin products in the world. From alligator belts with precious metal buckles to alligator handbags, wallets, picture frames, card cases, and note pads, golf bags to Harley Motocycle seats…you name it and they have hand made it at their factory in Atlanta, Georgia. When the shop needed to grow from the original rustic leather fabrication shop to a refined “jewelry” store of sorts, the owner contacted MSTSD and Cindy Trimble was the project designer.

The clients direction was to create a store that was unlike any stores in the world selling similar products. Cindy traveled with her client to New York and Milan studying other retail shops taking note of all aspects of each store: what worked, what didn’t work, finishes, lighthing, product display and even their staff. The design process was all emcompassing requiring a total reimaging of the store, the graphic identity and even the store owner.

With her team at MSTSD, Cindy created a modern, refined lodge interior that showcased each individual product line the shop sold so that it was clearly displayed for customers to see, but protected from their handling and damaging any of the skins. She custom designed a signature carpet which came from a photograph of an aligator’s belly. While in Italy, she designed a signature silk scarf that was given to Fleming’s customers. Every detail was carefully thoughtout in the 900 square foot boutique.

The redesign of the boutique catapulted the owners into a new level of sales and international exposure. Flemings continues to provide luxury leather products to customers across the globe. And after 13 years of being in their signature boutique the retail space continues to sparkle and showcase their products and has supported their international reputation, an alliance with the PGA tour and continued sales in their unique market.

This project is part of Cindy Trimble’s Professional Portfolio, while employed with MSTSD, Inc, Atlanta, GA; Photography by Gary Knight,