Via Residence

Situated on top of Sharp Mountain in Jasper, GA this home is a retirement home for a couple who love and admire the essence of the Arts and Craft’s design.  The house is a hybrid construction with timber frame accents, but detailed in the traditional arts and crafts language.  During the building process, the original builder defaulted causing tremendous stress on the owners and the team.  This required finishing the project with an extremely tight budget requiring creative  use of materials and details to keep their dream of having an Arts and Craft’s detailed home.   This was a new home from ground up. Trimble Kelly got involved when the framing was underway and quickly reviewed the owner’s program, their lifestyle and what they were constructing.  First, since this was a retirement home, Cindy noted there were few accessible spaces should anyone be injured and in a wheel chair.  She modified a couple of rooms making the home more accessible and supportive of the couple’s desire to “age in Place.”