Overland Trails

Model Homes are a joy to design and this was no exception. This home was built by Ed and Ellen Grant of Overland Trails in Ellijay, GA and was a model home for Heritage Log Homes of Tennessee. The original home plan used was called “The Heritage” but was modified for the use of the owners. The total square footage was approximately 3500 but only the top two floors were residential and the basement was the corporate and sales offices for Overland Trails.

The design intent was to show a blend of design styles for a log home including the integration of sheetrock to add color throughout. Several log and timber details were used to show visitors different ways of using the wood materials, different ways to trim and finish the house. The furnishings were ecclectic and included both antiques from their families, hand made rustic log furniture and furniture modified to fit the concept for the home, such as the chest of drawers in the guest bath that had a sink cut in for a vanity.

Natural elements were incorporated throughout as well including a real tree trunk that was hollowed out for the powder room pedestal sink, natural sticks that were used as window treatments and other natural, found materials.

The model is located on Highway 515 just north of Ellijay, GA and is open 6 days each week for tours.