Cross Creek Grill

Cross Creek Grille Restaurant (now called The Cabin) is located in Blue Ridge, GA on the Appalachian Highway.  This structure was originally a Western Sizzlin Restaurant and was being converted into a steak and BBQ restaurant.  When Trimble Kelly Studios was originally hired, the owner wanted to do a “fix-up” and “recoration” of the building.  Once demolition started, the building started to crumble.  The walls were rotten, the concrete below was powder and the plumbing pipes were terracotta that were mostly crushed.  The owner had no choice but to do a major renovation.  Trimble Kelly Studios helped with the building’s re-design, the renovation of the front exterior facade, the new space plan of the interior space, the detailing of the interior and the specification of the interior finishes, lighting, artwork, rugs and furnishings.  Based on the location and design style of the restaurant, the owner wanted to have lots of taxidermy animals throughout.  This endeavor required Cindy Kelly to acquire her taxidermy license so that she could purchase “legally” available taxidermy for the project.  She also worked closely with the local Blue Ridge Mountains Art Association to stage an art show and gallery for the local artists.  Several local artists were commissioned to produce original art for the restaurant including custom branch door pulls and murals on interior walls and doors.