Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar and Grill

Downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia’s newest hot spot.  Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar and Grill is a great display of locally made custom lighting, toilet partitions and interior detailing.  There is an assortment of creative materials used to make each surface something of interest for patrons of the pub.  The building was originally a hotel around the turn of the century, then transitioned to a cafe, antique store becoming Chester’s.  Our goal was to reference the old hotel with brick walls and tall ceilings.  We were able to reuse some of the original tin metal ceiling in the front dining area and toilets.

Inviting entry of Chester Brunnenmeyer's Pub in Downtown Blue Ridge, GA
Inviting entry of Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Pub in Downtown Blue Ridge, GA
“Before” photo from back of old hotel space looking towards the front door. The space was long and narrow, 14′ tall ceilings.
front to back
“Before” photo of restaurant from front door looking to the back