Cadence Equestrian Sales Center





The sales center for The Cadence Equestrian Center was built on East Main Street in downtown Historic Blue Ridge, GA.  approximately 11 miles from the site.  This facility was built specifically for their Sales & Marketing center but also housed their corporate offices with retail on the terrace level. This building now is the home of Harvest on Main Restaurant, Havana Daydreaming Cigar Shop and The Sweet Shop.  The exterior of the building is the same, but the interior was modified to accommodate the new users.  The reclaimed timbers were from a hundred year old barn that was moved here from Pennsylvania.  We used just about all the wood and reclaimed cedar shingles throughout the building.  Back then, they used whatever wood was close to the site of their building so there was an assortment of species including hemlock, pine, cedar, maple, poplar and some unidentified.

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